The following workshops will be held before the main conference.

Single day workshops

Meeting on String Constraints and Applications (MOSCA 2023), July 17th
Organizers: Yu-Fang Chen (Academia Sinica, Taiwan), Lukáš Holík (BRNO University of Technology, Czechia) and Zhilin Wu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

1st Workshop on Verification Witnesses and Their Validation (VeWit 2023), July 17th
Organizers: Dirk Beyer (LMU Munich, Germany) and Jan Strejček (Masaryk University, Czechia)

Workshop on Verification of Probabilistic Programs (VeriProP 2023), July 17th
Organizers: Michele Chiari (TU Wien, Austria), Fredrik Dahlqvist (Queen Mary University of London, UK), Sebastian Junges (Radboud University, the Netherlands), Benjamin Kaminski (Saarland University, Germany and University College London, UK) and Christoph Matheja (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)

Workshop on Open Problems in Learning and Verification of Neural Networks (WOLVERINE 2023), July 17th
Organizers: Anna Lukina (TU DELFT, the Netherlands), Guy Avni (University of Haifa, Isreal), Mirco Giacobbe (University of Birmingham, UK) and Christian Schilling (Aalborg University, Denmark)

Deep Learning-aided Verification (DAV 2023), July 18th
Organizers: Christopher Hahn (Stanford University, USA) and  Markus N. Rabe (Google Research, USA)

Workshop on Hyperproperties: Advances in Theory and Practice (HYPER 2023), July 18th
Organizers: Rayna Dimitrova (CISPA, Germany), Daniel Fremont (University of California, Santa Cruz, USA) and Hazem Torfah (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

12th Workshop on Synthesis (SYNT 2023), July 18th
Organizers: Bettina Könighofer (Graz University of Technology, Austria) Andrew Reynolds (University of Iowa, USA)

Tom Henzinger Festschrift birthday, July 18th
Organizers: Jean-François Raskin (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium), Krishnendu Chatterjee (Institute of Science and Technology, Austria), Laurent Doyen (École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay,  France), Rupak Majumdar (MPI for Software Systems, Germany)

Verification Mentoring Workshop, July 18th
Organizers: Ankush Densai (AWS, CA), Eric Koskinen(Stevens Institute of Technology), Burcu Kulahcioglu Ozkan (TU Delft,  the Netherlands) and Marijana Lazic (TU Munich, Germany), Matteo Sammartino (Royal Holloway University of London)

Two day workshops

6th Workshop on Formal Methods for ML-Enabled Autonomous Systems (FoMLAS 2023), July 17th-18th
Organizers: Guy Amir (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Isreal), Omri Isac (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Isreal), Guy Katz (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Isreal) and Nina Narodytska (VMware Research, USA)